Total Mobile Safety - we take those three words very seriously. Your Android device is more than just a phone, it is a digital camera, a list of your friends and family, and a blueprint of your life. Armor for Android develops features that help you to protect and enjoy your phone giving you peace of mind AND enhanced functionality.

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It’s nice to knowing that someone has your back, and when you install Armor for Android Antivirus you know you are protected at all times. With quick scan and deep scan options as well as automatic new app scans - you know that viruses, malware and trojans don’t stand a chance.

  • Detects threats consisting of Virus, Trojans, Malware, Spyware, PUAs, Aggressive Adware, and more
  • Quick Scan, Deep Scan, SD Scan
  • Real–Time Protection Automatically scans new apps

Armor for Android’s industry leading virus scanning technology has been reviewed and rated highly by an independent 3rd party antivirus testing authority. This technology allows for a very high percentage rate of successful malware detection along with statistically zero false positives.


Put your phone on lockdown from security and privacy risks! With Armor for Android Security you can view a list of all your apps and their permissions in an easy to understand format, with possible risks prioritized and highlighted, and then chose what to trust and what to remove.

  • Full Permissions Audit on All Apps for Security & Privacy Risks
  • Trusted Apps List Management

Keep your private information private with Armor for Android’s Privacy Protector. Quickly clear text messages, market searches, browser history, call logs, map history and other potentially sensitive information all in one place - quick and easy!

  • Clears up to 9 Sensitive Data Logs with one click

Your phone is loaded with important information, but what if you were to lose it? With Armor for Android Backup you can have peace of mind knowing that your photos, videos, contacts, SMS messages, MMS messages and phone logs are backed up safely. If your phone is ever lost, stolen or destroyed this information can easily be retrieved from the cloud using another phone or any computer that has internet access.

Safe, secure and easily accessible - what more could you need?


Have you ever dropped an important call because of bad reception? With Armor for Android Signal Booster, you can strengthen your signal significantly with a single click - but that is not all. With our signal locator you can find the closest tower is and move towards it using our signal finder or veiw them using the mapping feature!


What would you do if someone stole your phone? What if they had access to all of your text messages, emails, photos, credit card information or addresses? Armor for Android Phone Finder not only helps you track and locate a missing phone, it will lock the device, set it to scream and can even erase the contents with our remote wipe feature. You can also remove selected information like photos or SIM card contents if you desire.

You can access your Phone finder features easily by logging in to the Armor for Android user control panel.


An all-powerful Battery Optimizer with Turbo Boost is the most powerful battery power management application specially designed for Android. Extend your battery’s life and track your power usage overall and within specific applications and view technical data about your battery like type, size and even temperature!


Boost your phone’s speed to optimize performance with Speed Booster! Use our performance enhancer, memory cleaner, application cleaner and the privacy protector to decrease system load, extend battery life and drasticaly improve overall system performance. The best part is, it’s very easy to use - one button does it all!


With the Number Blacklister you can completely stop spam callers in their tracks before your phone even rings. Armor for Android Number Blacklister will also defend against unwanted SMS and MMS messages. You can consider this module a VERY effective gatekeeper for your phone.


We’re not done yet! We want to make your life as easy as possible and make all of the features of your Android phone available to you in one place, so on top of all the features listed above, Armor for Android also includes:

  • Memory Booster - Cleans up your phone and restores dirty memory to its maximum capacity with one touch.
  • Easy Uninstaller - Our bulk uninstaller removes apps in selectable groups so you can clean up quickly.
  • Task Killer - Kills programs that run in the background to add extra ticks to your battery life.
  • SD Installer - Install single or multiple apps from an SD card in one place - no more searching around!
Quick Scan

A rapid scan of an installed apps that provides either an all clear or count of threats present on device

Deep Scan

A more thourough, deep scan of all installed apps that provides full details of any threats found along with repair options

SD Card Scan

A deep scan of all apps on your SD card

Real-Time Virus Protection

Any new apps are Virus scanned automatically on install

Trust List Management

Trust apps which you want to keep on your phone even if they are identified as a possible risk. Manage that list, untrust as needed.

Extensive Settings

Extensive Advanced Settings to Customize Antivirus Functions for a better User Experience

Full Permissions Audit of all Apps

Full Audit of All Apps for Permission based Privacy and Security Risks. Ability to Trust / Remove Risky Apps

Clears up to 9 Sensitive Data Logs

Easy One-Click Ability to Clear sensitive private data from one, some or all of 9 different logs including Browser History, Search History, Market History,Call Logs, Maps History, and more.