Armor for Android is Total Mobile Safety™

Armor for Android was founded on the ideal of providing complete mobile protection to consumers across the globe. As we saw the rapid growth of Google's Android operating system, we knew that the world was and is rapidly headed to a future where literally billions of its citizens will be carrying an Android device and be completely trusting of it with the most important aspects of their life:

  • all of their loved ones, friends, co-workers and business associates contact information
  • their financial information, easy access to phone bill charging, credit card data, and banking data
  • precious memories contained in thousands of pictures and videos taken with their phone
  • critical work and personal documents

Android now comprises 3 of every 4 smartphones shipped in the world. It passed 750 million worldwide activations in March of 2013, and is projected to pass 1 billion activations in October. It is and will continue to be critical to these billions of people to keep their private data safe and secure, keep their financial resources including their phone bill free from fraud, and keep their most important device, their Android, working in top order and not compromised by rogue virus apps which use it as part of a botnet or other malicious function while at the same time draining precious battery and memory resources . People are relying on their Androids more and more for everything they do: phone calls, texting, facebook, email, Internet, productivity and entertainment apps, videos, and more. They need their Android protected, and working in top form.

The Android operating system is an open one, which is a double edged sword in that it allows millions of people to develop great apps for it and find ever more creative uses for it, and this has led to it rocketing past the iPhone and its adoption by almost a billion people and counting. But, it also has created an environment ripe for 'bad guys', for lack of a better term, to much more easily maliciously target the fraudulent use of our money, our private data, and our Androids themselves, and with billions of users: a massive target base.

We saw a huge need for a very easy to use, yet very sophisticated protection mechanism for people's Androids. To fill this need, we created Armor for Android. Our mission is complete consumer protection in a totally mobile Android world, and we have built an App that does just that. Armor for Android combines top Antivirus detection and protection with extensive Antitheft and lost phone tracker technology, cloud data backup technology for contacts, photos, videos, and more, and easy to use tools to protect and enhance the speed, memory, and battery of peoples' Android devices.

We live every day to make our product better and better, adding more features, making it easier to use, and staying one step ahead of the 'bad guys' who create viruses and use Android devices to steal peoples data and money.

Armor for Android Consumer Protection Advisory Board

A key part of the core of Armor for Android is our Consumer Protection Advisory Board, which is comprised of our CEO and several former Attorneys General who have dedicated their lives to consumer protection.

The Board combines a) the Attorneys General's decades of experience battling 'bad guys' on the front lines of consumer protection and their preferential access to current breaking trends in frauds perpetrated on consumers with b) Armor for Android's deep technology expertise to pursue the goals of: c) staying one or more steps ahead of current and future privacy and fraud related viruses and d) making the product easy to use and the best it can be for consumers and their needs.

Michael Moore was the Attorney General for the U.S. State of Mississippi from 1988 to 2004 and has been one of the nation's top leaders in consumer protection for over 25 years.

Moore made history in 1994 when he filed the first lawsuit against thirteen tobacco companies. Attorneys General from several other states joined the suit, with Moore as the lead negotiator. The settlement was by far the largest of its kind ever, worth over $246 billion to the states, including $4.1 billion for Mississippi. Moore previously served on the advisory board for Legal Shield, another consumer protection focused technology company.

Grant Woods served as Arizona's Attorney General from 1991-1999, and is also among the nation's historic leaders in consumer protection. Mr. Woods was President of the Conference of Western Attorneys General and chaired the Civil Rights and Supreme Court committees for the National Association of Attorneys General. He was selected by his peers as the nation's top attorney general in 1995. He successfully argued Lewis v. Casey before the United States Supreme Court. He was one of the principal architects of the states' lawsuits against the tobacco companies and was a key negotiator in the resulting largest civil settlement in history.

Richard Phillip Ieyoub, Sr. was the Attorney General of Louisiana for over 20 years, from 1992 to 2004. During his long career, Ieyoub has won victory after victory for consumers. Among his major accomplishments as attorney general was the promotion of "initiatives that protect our children and help our children lead a better quality of life." He was active in the fight against narcotics through the Louisiana Coordinating Council on the Prevention and Treatment of Drug Abuse. Ieyoub worked closely with the National Council Against Drinking and Driving. His office has been nationally recognized for combating underage drinking and drunken driving. He established a statewide school safety program and created a high-technology unit that targets sexual predators on the Internet.


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